Original 360 N5 4G LTE Phone Snapdragon 653 Octa Core Android 6.0 5.5 inch FHD 1920X1080 6GB RAM Fingerprint 4000mAh

Original 360 N5 4G LTE Phone Snapdragon 653 Octa Core Android 6.0 5.5 inch FHD 1920X1080 6GB RAM Fingerprint 4000mAh


BUY PAGE:http://www.buychinaphone.com/product.asp?/Original-360-N5-4G-LTE-Phone-Snapdragon-653-Octa-Core-Android-6.0-5.5-inch-FHD-1920X1080-6GB-RAM-Fingerprint-4000mAh,3277.html
360 mobile phone ups and downs so many years or survive, I have not played 360 long time the phone, and recently just have the opportunity to try to play about 360 N5, the main low-cost high with the cost models, 1399 yuan to buy 6 +32 G memory and Xiao Long 653, this configuration in the same price of competing products which are indeed rare, what value is not worth the fare?
The box is bright red cuboid, the internal space is more compact, the main accessories for the charge head, data lines, pin, and no headphones and protective shell, it touches the factory pre-posted a film.
In less than 1,500 yuan of domestic machine, very few to do a more balanced ID design, such as material selection of materials but good use of ID no border millet 5.360 N5 looks regular, is more emphasis on symmetrical design Unfortunately, there is no use of one metal body, only the back of a large piece of metal, the top and bottom and the entire frame are treated by a special coating of relatively smooth plastic, although the feel and strength is not bad, but The whole body on the back of the integration of a little sacrifice. Three-stage design + high-light T-slot + drawing metal, is a set of cost estimates after the glass and all-metal design, T slot part is difficult to avoid filth, and black version of the perception than gold to a higher level.
Machine front standard 2.5D glass, ordinary width of the border, soft light, handset, front camera symmetrical white forehead. The most staggering is the silver dot on the chin, with the “positive fingerprint that is justice,” the voice is getting higher and higher, even Huawei’s rear fingerprints are changed over, many manufacturers have returned to the front fingerprint On the road. 360 adhere to the use of post-fingerprints, but do not want to be on the screen than the original is not high on the fuselage with virtual buttons, more want to have a different side of the market in the machine, the final choice is this small round Point, there are two smaller smaller dots next to the three dots and Andrews traditional three King Kong key function, and no special interaction, and do not have the backlight.
Only the golden (drawing) and black (sandblasting) two color, intuition told me that black will soon out of stock.
360 OS based on Android 6.0.1, the development of the 2.0 version of the flattened more thoroughly, the icon style almost covers all the mainstream third party APP, fonts, icons, wallpaper, UI color are relatively match, nor down any of the The function of the system is not a problem. Xiao Long 653 is also a proper support for 7.0, as to when to upgrade depends on the attitude of 360.
Fastzone, this function is for the 6G large transport machine, not most people understand the “clear memory acceleration”, but from the remaining part of the custody of your designated APP permanent memory, a bit like a PC Ramdisk function, in fact, Samsung and Huawei have also used in the flagship machine on a similar technology. Measured on the Fastzone inside the APP, loading speed significantly faster, especially the large game and microblogging Taobao such APP, but currently only supports up to eight applications, the role of this feature is actually to make up for LPDDR 3 storage performance Not as good as LPDDR 4. (Xiao Long 653 only support LPDDR 3 specifications of the custody)
The system as a whole is indeed very smooth, UI design can be considered to catch the inflow of the last train, that is, the function is a bit more, if the machine is not very rich experience may get started to adapt to a period of time, but fortunately most of the built-in applications can be uninstalled, That can be used for a useless, in addition to 360 guards. 360 OS If you want to become a general consumer are easy to get started and feel easy to use the system, it is not difficult, refer to OPPO’s Color OS and vivo Funtouch OS. But if you want to be recognized as the industry, and Flyme, MIUI, Smartisan OS par one of the first echelon operating system, but also the lack of identification and autonomy of some functional design and UI innovation.
I know you are most concerned about is the hardware
For the 360 N5 this type of price model, the hardware is of course the most important part, but the hardware part of the fact that there is no need to spend too much ink to speak, because now from the supplier procurement hardware to come and go are (Only the standard version, there is no castration version) + 1300W main camera (temporarily found sensor model) + 4000mAh battery +18 W QC 3.0 fast charge The


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