360 N5 PHONE

360 N5 PHONE


Xiao Long 653 and 6G memory temptation to your 360N5, 1399 low in the end what?
February 22, 2017, 360 mobile phone officially released the “youth new flagship” N series of new year N5 – at first glance configuration you simply can not guess this goods actually only sell 1399 yuan
As the 360 off the cool team after the great team to build the N series, in 2016 to more than 300 million shipments to become the best-selling models of 360 mobile phones, it can be said that 360 mobile phones in the future market can occupy a place depends on this, And N5 as the head of the gun in 2017 must be bombing, which is 360 mobile phone new president Li Kaixin after serving the first goal.

So the 360 mobile phone N5 in the product definition can be described as “radical”, a change in 2016 N4-N4S-N4A-N4S Xiao Long version of “squeeze toothpaste” like the iterative strategy, the use of high-pass Xiao Long 653 processor +6 GB memory to create “Spiral hand sword”, directly red and friends with the price of the product of the vacuum point.

Can be said: in the gradual elimination of the original cool team to make the product set Low, since the beginning of the 360 N5, N series is really the phrase “youth new flagship” Slogan fell to reality, formerly known as the flagship but because of the The limitations of the game play unhappy hot game phone just TMD is playing rogue
To say 360 red leader of the road to do the machine, can be described as twists and turns: first with Huawei for the special plan for abortion; forced by the strategic layout to kill back the mobile phone market, suffered cool by music acquisition behind the knife; and airborne to the big god team Of the 360 headquarters of the Department of direct support Hold the scene, cool big old man more than a year to go to Malan Taiwan, until now the original Huawei glory marketing vice president Li Kaixin righteousness, Zhou Hongyi be considered really on the mobile phone team elbow, in order to thoroughly implement the “hardware can not Free, can not lose, to be able to feed their own “small goals.

In this situation of internal and external circumstances, in order to have 360 N5 in this Timing turned out, but to say why N5 pricing to 1399 yuan, you see the judge or to listen to @ Zhuo see technology Pa a Pa drop ~ (o ^ ∇ ^ O)

One, Qualcomm and Samsung Dad’s heart attack?

As we all know: Qualcomm Xiao Long 653 continued Xiao Long 652 28nm process, including four Cortex A72 core, and four Cortex A53 core, A72 frequency from 1.80 GHz to 1.95 GHz, A53 core is still 1.44 GHz, built-in Adreno510 GPU frequency increased slightly.

From the performance, Xiao Long 653 to 652 only about 10% of the upgrade, but in the following three areas to improve significantly:

1, Xiao Long 653 support LTE Cat7 / Cat13 specifications, the uplink rate compared to the previous generation of 100Mbps upgrade to 150Mbps; and China Mobile requirements in October 1, 2016 after the storage of mobile phones, must reach LTE Cat7, in view of the mobile subsidies Strength, I am afraid which mobile phone manufacturers are afraid to give up this piece of “cake”, so the 360 N5 using high-pass Xiao Long 653 is not surprising.

2, Xiao Long 653 maximum support 8GB of memory, scalability is much higher than the Xiao Long 652 ceiling 4GB, which means that the SoC in Qualcomm’s product blueprint, is completely able to quite 2018 years will not be eliminated ; The only need to worry about is the current global memory are controlled in the hands of Samsung Semiconductor, 4GB DDR4 memory agreement price has reached nearly 18 months of the new high, but fortunately due to 6GB memory production limit, can not meet the Samsung flagship machine 20 million More than the demand, Galaxy S8 will also use 4G memory, so the domestic manufacturers from the Samsung where a more reasonable price first “dig” to some 6GB of memory supply, but the trend from the 2017 point of view, the memory price in the star star The monopoly will continue to rise.
3, the most important thing is that since TSMC to 20nm process foundry high-pass Xiao Long 810 in power and heat problems, can still 16nm FinFET process to get the Apple A10 processor orders, and proved the actual performance of a comprehensive Better than the Samsung 14nm FinFET A10, it is possible to eat all the orders of the future Apple A11 processor. And for the global mobile phone chip market accounted for more than 50% of the developers Qualcomm, whether it is TSMC or Samsung’s foundry, can not be lost. With regard to the competition between the two foundries, Qualcomm had to take a different product line were entrusted to the production of the way, TSMC got Xiaolong 652/653, but only 28nm process, and Samsung is the Xiao Long 625/626, but used a 14 nm process.

As Xiaolong 652 is released in 2015 Q4, separated by a year later launched Xiaolong 653, the TSMC’s foundry price is estimated to have been reduced by 50% -60%, compared to Samsung OEM 62 Have the advantage, the typical skills as people to use the price to suppress the routine. This is also the 360 mobile phone N4S Xiaolong since the release since the supply of tension, and N5 prices are likely to stocking one of the reasons.
2016 Jingdong signed underwriting 360 mobile phone 4 million units, of which more than 200 million units from the N series, I believe in 2017 the two sides will start a greater cooperation. In the past cooperation, 360 mobile phone in Jingdong game is not equal, niche brand and product definition of the limitations, making the mobile phone hardware sales of the largest profits were Jingdong grab; in the promotion of Jingdong Electric Festival, 360 Part of the phone models may even lose money earned shouting, and this is certainly not Zhou Hongyi and Li Kaixin want, mobile phone hardware profitability, whether as a 360 domestic A-share listing of the Notes, or leveling the R & D costs are bound to be.

But Jingdong buyout underwriting the temptation is too great, in the large data analysis and flow conversion under the premise of Jingdong can help 360 in the product definition and sales guarantee on the initiative, before the N4S Xiaolong version of the test water effect perfect, Word of mouth and sales are to force


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