Wico i6 First iPhone 6 Clone Hands On (Part2)

Wico i6 _ First iPhone 6 Clone Hands On (Part2


Cottage iPhone6 boot video high imitation iOS7 too rough Model for Wico i6


A group of cottage iPhone6 ​​picture shocked the world, when people sigh the mighty cottage, its use experience is also forced by the cattle. This first cottage iPhone6 ​​model for the Wico i6, it is more than the iPhone6 ​​real machine release time two months in advance. Take a look at it boot it
The machine is running high imitation iOS7 operating system, of course, certainly based on Android, built-in 2GB memory and 32GB fuselage storage space. Although the configuration is good, but there are obvious card up to run, cottage is very strong atmosphere. The screen size is 4.7 inches and the resolution is 960×1704. Although enough to do real ones, but from the subtle work and the back of the logo and the roughness of the camera can still see clues.

The system is modified with the iOS interface is very similar to the Android KitKat version, from the video can be seen when running a clear card Dayton. The model is equipped with 2GB storage and 32GB built-in storage, the shape of the parameters may be based on previously leaked factory data.
We feel that this cottage iPhone6 ​​how, and can only say that although a lot of noise, but it has a cottage out of the level.

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